Metroid Dread guide: How to get early Gravity Suit

Metroid Dread guid early gravity suit

Metroid Dread may feel like a somewhat linear experience on a first playthrough, but planet ZDR is full of secrets. With a little skill and some diligent exploration, players have found all kinds of sequence breaks. These alternate routes, planned by the developers, encourage repeat playthroughs and speedrunning. Today’s Metroid Dread guide will teach you how to get on one of these secret routes, collecting Gravity Suit early and shaking up the late-game progression.

Progression and sequence breaking

Metroid Dread guide early gravity suit

This Metroid Dread guide officially starts after you collect Ice Missiles, so you can proceed through the early parts of the game however you wish. If you’d like some tips on how to get the most out of the early game, we’ve previously covered sequence breaking for early Grapple and Bombs. Since you can get early Gravity Suit in Dread right after Ice Missiles, you may also find our guide on getting early Ice Missiles helpful. Once you have Ice Missiles, proceed to the room in Ghavoran displayed in the image above. If you initially skipped Spin Boost, I recommend you get it before proceeding. it’s just below this room, through the water and a Morph Ball launcher.

Showing off with Shinespark tricks

This sequence break will require you to pull off two Shinespark tricks. For the first, you need to blast the flaming fungus with an Ice Missile to clear the way to the right. You’ll need almost every inch of these rooms to charge up your Speedbooster. You can get a tiny head start on that charge by clicking the joystick in while facing the opposite direction, then quickly turning around and running.

Once you’ve stored the charge, drop down into the water below, staying on the ledge to the left. Then, simply jump to Shinespark, and you should grab onto the ledge and pull yourself up. If you spin jump to gain some height, you can save a little time by Shinesparking over the ledge instead, as I do in the footage above. Once you make it across, head down into the teleportal for Burenia.

Exit the teleportal to the right and bomb the wall here for a secret passage. Blast your way past more flaming fungi, then go through the door on the right and charge up a Speedboost. You’ll need to store the speed, go into the next room, and slide through the narrow gap. After this, I choose to shoot the blocks beneath me as I fall, then release the Shinespark to the left. Alternately, you can land on the blocks, and Shinespark through them down and to the left.

Either way, hitting the ramp with a Shinespark will cause Samus to start Speedboosting again. You can then store the speed once again on either side of the narrow passage that blocks your way. I choose to maintain my speed as I slide, then store it on the other side. Drop down, and Shinespark into the ramp once again. Store the speed one more time at the top of the ramp, drop down, and Shinespark for the last time. Congrats! Wasn’t that fun? Aside from the missiles, you can also shoot the wall here for a secret passage.

Metroid Dread early Gravity Suit

You’ll come out the other side to find your passage blocked. Shoot the glowing glob in the floor to open up just enough space for the Morph Ball, and roll on through. Climb up into the Morph Ball shaft immediately to the right, and proceed to the top. Here, you’ll need to blast some more gross-looking explosive blobs to clear a line of sight for your Grapple Beam.

Grapple the block through the gap, then drop down into the water and head to the left. Proceed through the door with the missile cover, and early Gravity Suit is yours! This lets you explore sections of the map that are submerged or freezing cold much earlier, shaking up the normal progression.

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