Metroid Dread ends the Metroid story arc, but kicks off a new plot

metroid story arc

When Yoshio Sakamoto unveiled Metroid Dread, he mysteriously stated that it would conclude the relationship between Samus and Metroids. What does that mean for the future of the series? Is this the end of the 2D games? Fortunately, that’s not the case. While Metroid Dread will end the Metroid story arc, it seems it will also kick off a brand new story that takes the franchise in a different direction. Speaking to Eurogamer and other reporters on a Zoom call, he explained:

What I can say upfront is that Samus’ adventure will continue. How will it continue? Well, first things first, I believe that if and when you clear Dread, you will have a clear idea. Beyond that, we will continue to work hard so we can meet expectations and keep surprising you guys with exciting gameplay experiences.

The end of the Metroid story arc

It’s hard to imagine Metroid without… well, Metroids. But the long-running series has reached the point where it’s had to re-hash ideas to keep Metroids around, and there’s a whole big universe out there for Samus to find new threats. Coming up with a fitting conclusion to the 35-year-long Metroid story arc is a tall task, but Sakamoto is thrilled with what the team has put together.

As for the future of Metroid after the conclusion of this story arc, Sakamoto gave no hints. We’ll have to wait until Dread launches to find out what seeds have been sown for the future. That said, past games have set up a potential conflict between Samus and the Galactic Federation, and the series has never really taken us deep into the history of the Chozo. There are plenty of possibilities for new stories in the Metroid universe, and I can’t wait to see where it goes next!


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