Metroid: Attack of Ridley drops Samus in a new live-action fan film

Metroid: Attack of Ridley live-action fan film devinsupertramp Ainsley Bircher

People love to imagine Metroid in live action because it would basically be a Nintendo take on theĀ Alien franchise. Maybe that will happen someday, as Nintendo is investigating further film efforts beyond its animated Super Mario movie, but in the meantime — there are always fan films. YouTube channel devinsupertramp has released a live-action fan film called Metroid: Attack of Ridley, and it has some impressive production values: There’s a terrific Varia Suit for Samus (Ainsley Bircher, who also provided the suit) and a really cool physical Morph Ball, and it was all filmed at an ice palace.

That being said, I don’t honestly think Metroid: Attack of Ridley is particularly entertaining, as most of the video is just Samus walking around places uneventfully. When Ridley finally shows up, the “attack” amounts to a few extreme close-ups of Samus flailing and getting hit, followed by a bit of CG blasting to get her out of the jam, and then Samus flees the planet in heroic (?) fashion. It really didn’t need to be seven and a half minutes long. Still, for a passion project, it’s pretty cool.

If you’re curious about how they filmed Metroid: Attack of Ridley, there is a behind-the-scenes video you’ll pretty likely enjoy as well.

What do you think of this new live-action Metroid fan film?


John Friscia
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