Metro Redux plays at 60 FPS on Switch modded with unlocked frame rate

modded Nintendo Switch unlocked frame rate Metro Redux at 60 FPS

A new video has showed that it’s possible to run Metro Redux at 60 FPS on Nintendo Switch. The video comes from ContraNetwork and shows exactly how well the game performs on Switch with just a few modifications. Metro Redux runs at 60 FPS on other platforms, but the Switch port aims for 30 FPS and maintains it well. The base game’s frame rate is so good in fact that we had no complaints about it in our review.

Unlimited power

The way this frame rate was achieved was through the use of a modded Nintendo Switch and a single FPS mod. The mod in question uncaps the game’s frame rate, meaning that 60 FPS is now attainable. The physical mods to the Nintendo Switch overclock the unit’s GPU, CPU, and memory. The boost pushes the GPU to 921MHz and the CPU to 1785MHz, with the memory at 1600MHz.

For comparison, when a standard Nintendo Switch is in docked mode the GPU sits at 768MHz, the CPU is at 1020MHz, and the memory is 1600MHz. As you can see, the physical mods do nothing to the unit’s memory, but they push the GPU by 153MHz and the CPU by 765MHz.

Only those who have played Metro Redux on Nintendo Switch will be able to see the difference in this video. It looks like playing the game at 60 FPS will provide a much smoother experience, but we still think the game is pretty great at plain old 30 FPS.

The third game in the series, Metro Exodus, is showing no signs of coming to Switch anytime soon. While we have the bulk of the story available to play on the go, it would be nice to be able to finish Artyom’s story as he heads above ground and out of Moscow. Maybe once all of the game’s DLC has been released, 4A Games will consider a port.

Jamie Sharp
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