Metal Slug Tactics will blast the $&(! out of Nintendo Switch

Metal Slug Tactics Nintendo Switch release date 2022 PC Dotemu SNK

At the Nintendo Indie World Showcase today, among many other big reveals, publisher Dotemu and French developer Leikir Studio announced that Metal Slug Tactics is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022 alongside a previously announced PC launch. This wild and unexpected game takes SNK’s ultra-brutal Metal Slug franchise, shaves off the sidescrolling, and transforms it all into a grid-based strategy game. I honestly don’t even play the franchise, and I still love this so much. Even better, the Metal Slug Tactics gameplay reveal trailer gives us a slight look at how the game will really play.

Here is what PR has to say about the game:

A fresh take on Metal Slug that moves the classic action franchise into a new dimension, Metal Slug Tactics retains fan-favorite elements such as the detailed pixel art and explosive action, but adds tactical combat mechanics and roguelike elements to the mix. Control familiar Metal Slug heroes such as Marco, Tarma, Fio and Eri in fast-paced, dynamic battles. As a tactical game, positioning is key – placing your troops correctly on the battlefield can activate the Sync skill, where multiple heroes deal extra damage to the enemy.

With Metal Slug Tactics coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022 and Loop Hero and Eastward launching this year, things are looking awesome for the Nintendo indie scene.

John Friscia
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