Metal Gear Solid needs a new life… on Nintendo Switch

Metal Gear Solid Nintendo Switch

Let me take you back to the fall of 1999. A young lad named Chris is finally broadening his gaming horizons from Nintendo’s platform and exploring the PlayStation catalog. As a junior high kid, he actively had late-night caffeine and sugar-fueled gaming sessions with his best friends. One chilly Friday night during a round of Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64, one of Chris’s closest friends revealed that he owned Metal Gear Solid and had beat it twice already. Having played the Metal Gear Solid demo to the point of having the beginning infiltration of the Shadow Moses complex memorized, Chris enthusiastically wanted to know more. Instead of going into it, his friend let him borrow the game.

That very weekend, Chris began a journey that would span nearly two decades and have his eyes opened to a world where video games not only played well, but told epic, emotional stories to match that caliber. In case I pulled the wool over your eyes, Chris is me — surprise! And it’s easy to say that nearly no other video game impacted me on an emotional level than Metal Gear Solid did. I became slightly obsessive pouring over the lore of the series and the stories of the games in the NES era. Metal Gear Solid had its hooks in me deep.

Metal Gear Solid - Nintendo Switch

Metal Gear Solid on Nintendo Switch is the natural next step

I’m sure that I’m not alone, as Hideo Kojima’s masterwork has touched many over the years. With the master separated from his creation (legally), we’ve likely reached the end of the road for the Metal Gear Solid series as we know it. Despite that, we can breathe new life back into the franchise with the power of Nintendo Switch.

No, I’m not suggesting that Konami make more Metal Gear Solid games without its beloved creator. But I am suggesting that they start bringing the games that have already been created over to the Nintendo Switch. If Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on the PSP (or 3D Snake Eater) proved anything, it’s that this series can thrive on a mobile platform. The slower, calculating stealth action of the game lends itself to gaming on the go. Peace Walker was also one of the best MGS games in the entire series.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker should be on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo power

Nintendo Switch has a unique ability to make classic games relevant again. We’ve seen this with classic PlayStation titles like Final Fantasy VII, PS2 and Xbox games like Onimusha, and PS3 and Xbox 360 games like Bulletstorm or Outlast. The Switch is obviously not the console to go to for raw power. However, Nintendo has smartly inserted itself into our lives by enabling us to take home console gaming on the go. This aspect alone has revived the excitement of playing classic games. In turn, it also shares classic experiences with younger generations who may have missed out on some of the greatest moments in gaming history.

Personally, I’ve engaged with many on social media who have taken to the recent release of Final Fantasy VII on Nintendo Switch. Many, like me, played the game during its prime on the PlayStation. But many more are experiencing Final Fantasy VII for the first time to see what all the excitement surrounding the title has been about. The Metal Gear Solid series deserves this resurgence. The games are notable for pioneering stealth action, a gameplay mechanic that we see in many titles today. Konami may have lost its golden boy, but they still own the rights to all of his work.


Metal Gear Solid - Nintendo Switch

Changing the perception

Like the constant reruns of Resident Evil 4, Metal Gear Solid and its many sequels deserve to remain relevant. I can’t think of any better place to make this happen than the Nintendo Switch. Konami has been keen on releasing bundles of its greatest hits lately. After the problems with the P.T. project on PlayStation 4, as well as the debacle with the dissolution of Konami’s and Kojima’s relationship, the company could stand to spread some goodwill. Due to these events, gamers felt for a long time that Konami barely even regarded their own audience. Perhaps, Konami can continue proving us wrong by remaining nostalgic for its greatest hits. And, let’s hope they keep Kojima’s espionage thriller on their radar.

What do you think about a Metal Gear Solid release on Nintendo Switch? Would you purchase any of the games to play on Nintendo’s hybrid console? Let us know your feelings on the matter in the comments section below!

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