Metal Gear Solid gets lots of cool new merchandise at Fangamer

Fangamer Metal Gear Solid merchandise Snake & Otacon Plush Set Metal Gear Solid playing cards with Yoji Shinkawa art

Since the, uh, bizarre Metal Gear Survive in 2018, the Metal Gear Solid franchise has largely been on ice. Some of the Konami series recently came to GOG, and there are rumors of a new non-Twin Snakes remake of the original game  — but that’s about it for now. However, to keep Hideo Kojima’s fever dream alive, Fangamer has unveiled a new assortment of Metal Gear Solid merchandise today, adding to its existing collection. You can get a very cool Snake and Otacon Plush Set for $48 and a deck of playing cards featuring Yoji Shinkawa’s art for just $15, among other things.

Granted, $48 may sound steep for a couple plush dolls, but Snake and Otacon are both 10 inches tall, holding a magnetic ration and ketchup bottle respectively, and Snake’s bandana and Otacon’s jacket and glasses are removable. It also includes a bonus cardboard box!

Otherwise, Fangamer has new, slick Metal Gear Solid T-shirts, a Shadow Moses hat, a tote bag, and a cute couple pins of Solid Snake and Raiden respectively. Personally, I’d really love to get that deck of playing cards, and I’ve already shared its direct link with a couple like-minded friends.

Is any of this new Metal Gear Solid merchandise at Fangamer catching your eye?


John Friscia
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