Meta Ridley statue unboxing from First 4 Figures reveals its huge size

First 4 Figures Metroid Prime Meta Ridley statue unboxing video

First 4 Figures revealed a Meta Ridley statue from Metroid Prime way back in 2019, but it is apparently only now finally gearing up to release it. As a heads-up, First 4 Figures has released an unboxing video for its Meta Ridley statue, showcasing the standard and exclusive editions. Both are listed for $599.99 on the official website, though the standard edition is listed for more at other retailers, and the release date seems to be sometime during Q1 2021. In any case, the takeaway of the unboxing video is that Ridley is looking large and in charge, with its massive wings.

Both editions of First 4 Figures’ Meta Ridley statue include wings that glow in the dark, but the exclusive edition adds in LED lighting for the eyes and chest. Either way, you’re getting a space pirate that looks like it could give Samus quite a hard time. It could also give your shelves a hard time if you don’t have just the right spot to support its dominant wing span.

Meanwhile, the eternal wait for Metroid Prime 4 continues. Retro Studios is recruiting a super group of talent, but it’s looking increasingly likely that the game will arrive at the end of Nintendo Switch’s lifespan. A cross-generation release like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild received between Wii U and Switch may not be out of the question.


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