Hideki Kamiya’s burning question for gamers: Would you buy merch from PlatinumGames?


The legend himself, Hideki Kamiya, has an inquiry for PlatinumGames fans. Is anyone interested in buying merch with the company’s logo plastered all over it? If I may answer for players the world over? It depends on what merchandise we’re talking about, Kamiya.

Show me the goods

In a video posted on Twitter, Kamiya displayed some prototypes of the aforementioned merch:

There is some cool stuff here. For instance, I spy shirts, pens, boxes, coasters, hoodies, magnets, fans, thermoses, cups, and calendars. No word yet on whether 2B’s outfit will become available, complete with a blindfold.

I’d certainly buy some of this stuff if the price was right. I love me some PlatinumGames. Therefore, a hoodie or commemorative cup is right up my alley. However, what would really get gamers on board are some titles from the company’s catalog being represented. Bayonetta, Nier: Automata, and Wonderful 101 are all begging for the merchandising treatment. In addition, Kamiya and company can even use Scalebound in their promotions to remind videogamers of what could have been.

In conclusion, are there any musings on Kamiya’s pitch through Twitter? Are any of you dear readers likely to purchase merchandise from PlatinumGames? Above all, do you believe that dragon game would have been awesome? Let us know in the comment field below.

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