Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix launches September 27 in Japan

Mercenaries Wings

Fans of Final Fantasy Tactics may want to take note, as Rideon’s Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix isn’t far from release. The series that is heavily inspired by the Final Fantasy spinoff series is set to get its latest release on Switch on September 27, in Japan at least.

While we do not know a western release date, it shouldn’t be too far from the Japanese release. If you’re itching to play it, then the Switch’s region-free nature means you can this month, no matter your location.

Although the release will be digital-only, the prior games in the series are set to release physically in the west this month. This comes in the form of Mercenaries Saga Chronicles; you can read our article on that release here.

Will you be playing Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix when it releases on the Switch eShop? Tell us whether it will be filling the SRPG-shaped hole in your life in the comment section below!


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