Megaton Musashi TGS 2021 gameplay shows multiplayer, giant robots, legendary loot

Megaton Musashi TGS 2021 gameplay has multiplayer, giant robots, and legendary loot

Level-5 is known for its many cross-media projects over the years, but this year the company is focusing on its upcoming mecha game, Megaton Musashi, which got plenty of multiplayer gameplay footage at TGS 2021.

The entire Level-5 presentation is about Megaton Musashi, so this year’s TGS didn’t have any new Yo-kai Watch, Inazuma Eleven, or Professor Layton announcements. Megaton Musashi was first announced in 2016, and it is finally set to release next month, so it makes sense why Level-5 wanted to put its focus on the mecha action game.

The main highlight from the presentation was definitely the multiplayer co-op gameplay. The game will offer online and local multiplayer for up to three players. It’s also worth noting that the gameplay looks noticeably more polished compared to previous looks. Since the robots have roles such as healers, you can’t just mash your way through enemies and will need to cooperate with your team.

In addition to a look at battles against giant robots, the developers revealed that the game will have plenty of loot to collect and power up your robots, including extra rare and powerful legendary items.

Watch the full Megaton Musashi TGS 2021 gameplay below:

The Megaton Musashi presentation starts with a look at the anime and another introduction of its key characters. We also get plenty of quotes from the developers and voice actors. Skip to the 35:40 mark of the video for a look at the new trailer. You can watch the Megaton Musashi multiplayer action at around 44:40.

Megaton Musashi launches for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on November 11, 2021. The TV anime will begin airing today in Japan.