Megaton Musashi shows off co-op action RPG gameplay from Level-5

Megaton Musashi trailer Level-5 co-op action RPG robot combat

I believe deep in my heart that you can never go wrong with giant robots. Level-5 must share this belief, as at Japan’s Jump Festa 2020 event, they revealed new trailers for their upcoming co-op action RPG with giant robots, Megaton Musashi, slated for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and mobile devices. The game is a collaboration with manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, and the object is to work together in giant robots to fight back an alien invasion.

Although, humanity already lost the invasion super hard, as the earth has been hollowed out into a donut shape. Survivors are staging a counterattack from a facility called the “Shelter,” and the counterattack takes the form of three “Megaton-class” giant robots piloted by (who else?) children, seemingly teenagers.

Musashi is the strongest of the robots, coming with a “Photon Revolver” and “Defusion Blaster.” Gaudia is a “support-type rogue” that is useful at long range. And Sparkman apparently is a typical melee dude. Below are short Megaton Musashi trailers showing off Musashi, Gaudia, and Sparkman respectively. The robots’ parts will be customizable for myriad combinations in the final game.

Megaton Musashi has no release window at this time, nor does there seem to be confirmation of an international release. We’ll keep you updated on Level-5’s mech mayhem though.

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