Megaton Musashi anime trailer shows giant mechs in action

Megaton Musashi Anime trailer shows giant mechs in action

It’s been over five years since the initial announcement of Megaton Musashi, and Level-5 shared the debut trailer for its anime that begins airing next month in Japan.

Level-5 first announced Megaton Musashi back in July 2016 as its fifth cross-media project after The Snack World and Yo-kai Watch. We went a few years without getting any news about the series until we saw gameplay footage in December 2019 for Jump Festa 2020. The original concept work showed the game running on a PlayStation platform and Nintendo 3DS, but Level-5 eventually announced its platforms as Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Megaton Musashi is set in a world where 99% of humanity vanished after a mysterious alien attack. The aliens essentially made Earth into their nest by blasting a giant hole into the planet, like a donut. Humankind has no choice but to hide and fight for survival. The game’s story focuses on children who pilot three “Megaton-class” giant mechas as part of a counterattack initiative.

Megaton Musashi TV anime trailer #1

The Megaton Musashi TV anime will begin airing in Japan on October 1 on Tokyo MX and BS Fuji. The Megaton Musashi video game will release in Japan for the Nintendo Switch and PS4 on November 11, 2021.