Mega Man X novel translated into English by fans

Mega Man X novel Capcom Rockman X The Novel -Irregulars Report- Tsubasa Todoroki

Capcom’s Mega Man franchise may never see the same popularity as Mario or Sonic, but lord knows it has an extremely hardcore fan base. Today provides a really awesome example of that, as a Japanese Mega Man X novel released in January 2017 has now been translated into English by fans.

Author Tsubasa Todoroki wrote Rockman X The Novel -Irregulars Report-, a novelization of the original video game in the X series. Not long after the Mega Man X novel’s release, a group of fans set out to translate it into English, but those efforts stalled out after Chapter 3. Fortunately, a new translator, Sidier, subsequently took up the torch of translating the rest. Now, Rockman Corner has compiled it all into a finished product, including cleaned up illustrations, and released it as a PDF that’s available now.

It’s free of course, seeing how it’s an unofficial fan translation. But if you would like to support Capcom and the author to keep everything honest, you can find the Mega Man X novel on Amazon Japan to obtain legally.

I haven’t had a chance to read much of the translation, but keep in mind that translation is very much an art that can vary in quality. Be lenient if the prose isn’t always beautiful to read.

For other Mega Man news, check out how the Mega Man movie is being written by the guy who co-wrote The Batman, or take a look at the possibility of Mega Man Battle Network ever receiving a sequel (aside from the rumored Battle Network mobile game). But before you do, tell us what you think of this Mega Man X novel arriving in English!


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