CG render unearthed for canceled Mega Man X FPS ‘Maverick Hunter’

Mega Man X FPS Maverick Hunter Armature Studio Capcom CG render Jaehoon Kim

Almost exactly seven years ago, it came to light that a Mega Man X-inspired first-person shooter called Maverick Hunter had been in development — and then subsequently canceled — in 2010. Armature Studio, founded by ex-Retro Studios employees, worked on the game over a period of about six months for Capcom, with a playable prototype reportedly existing. But the dark and gritty game was ultimately canned by Capcom for being seen as too much of a gamble. Since that original report, only the slightest additional details about Maverick Hunter have come out. And while we still have no playable prototype sitting in our lap, we do have this tiny offering: a CG render of X from artist Jaehoon Kim.

In truth, these CG render videos are not thrilling stuff at all unless you yourself are a CG artist. But man, it’s still a new morsel from one of the oddest almost-chapters in the storied history of Mega Man. For that, it’s notable.

Additionally, X‘s look in Maverick Hunter was designed by Adi Granov, an exceptional comic book artist who also helped design the Marvel Cinematic Universe look of Iron Man. (If you thought X had an MCU flavor, now you know why.) So a tremendous amount of thought and effort — technical and artistic — went into this short-lived project.

Would you have been curious to play Maverick Hunter from Armature Studio? In all honesty, old purist that I am, I was never thrilled at the idea of a dark and gritty Mega Man. I am excited for the movie adaptation though.

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