Mega Man X DiVE pre-registration begins for select regions with rewards

Mega Man X DiVE pre-registration Asia Capcom Taiwan mobile Australia

Mega Man X DiVE, the Mega Man X mobile game from Capcom Taiwan that came outta nowhere last year, has begun pre-registration in Asian regions. Gamers living in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Cambodia may all pre-download the game on Google Play or the Apple Store. Doing so will grant you a reward — Alia! More in-game rewards are promised for the future for those who pre-download, including “Element Metal” and a Gatling Gun.

Other regions of the world will “soon” open up for pre-registration.

More rewards for pre-registering for Mega Man X DiVE

Those who use the “Invite Friends” option can share a personal Facebook link to invite others to the game, and once you’ve done this, you’re entered into a contest to win an ASUS ROG Phone II, AirPods Pro, or the autograph of Mega Man artist Keisuke Mizuno! Not bad, Capcom Taiwan. Not bad at all.

Alia Mega Man X DiVE pre-registration Asia Capcom Taiwan
Are robots supposed to be that distractingly voluptuous?
Mega Man X DiVE rewards pre-registration Asia Capcom Taiwan mobile Australia Mizuno Keisuke autograph
Keisuke Mizuno autograph sampler

Black Zero X DiVE mobile

In addition to all of these new details, Capcom Taiwan has also teased “Black Zero” (above) for Mega Man X DiVE, aka Zero with black armor. Black Zero will uniquely come with the skill Rakuhouha, from Mega Man X4. And if Alia and Black Zero aren’t enough, there is a new, short trailer too, just to give another taste of what the game has in store.

I had the opportunity to participate in the Mega Man X DiVE closed beta last year and was pretty pleased with the bits I got to try out. Hopefully the mobile title has only gotten much better since then. But while we wait, check out the game’s slick official website.


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