Mega Man X DiVE is officially available in the US and UK at last

Mega Man X DiVE early access beta test NebulaJoy US UK United States Kingdom Capcom Taiwan

Back in July 2019, Capcom Taiwan announced Mega Man X DiVE for Android and iOS, and we actually previewed the game during its closed beta back in September 2019. The game eventually became available in various regions around the world, including Australia, and recently I actually played the game for a solid month while claiming to live in Australia. (I don’t.) However, via Chinese developer NebulaJoy, Mega Man X DiVE is finally officially available to play in early access on Android from the Google Play Store in the United States (US) and United Kingdom (UK). Details and rules for its early access release have been outlined by NebulaJoy.

Prior to arriving in the US and UK, Mega Man X DiVE had already become an incredible celebration of Mega Man history, offering up tons of characters across franchise history in playable form. The game effectively exists outside of canon, since it involves a meta narrative where you are physically entering into the Mega Man X worlds to fix things that have gone unexpectedly wrong, but that is what allows the game to play fast and loose with its dozens of characters. Each character can level up and develop abilities, and there are many different weapons with different ranges and types of effectiveness that are worth experimenting with. Co-op and versus modes are added in for good measure, and the distribution of obtainable currency is somewhat balanced all things considered.

Basically, if you love Mega Man, Mega Man X DiVE is worth taking for a go in early access in the US or UK. You’ll have to deal with mobile controls (unless you have a Bluetooth controller to sync), but it provides a fun bite-sized diversion to play for a few minutes a day.

In related news, NebulaJoy is also developing Rockman XZ: Time Rift for mobile devices.

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