Mega Man VR experience coming to Plaza Capcom in Japan on July 18

Rockman VR: Aimed At The Virtual World Mega Man VR: Targeted Virtual World!! Plaza Capcom Ikebukuro Tokyo

Smaller experiences in a controlled environment are perfect for virtual reality technology. While arcades are on their last legs here in America, Japan still has a relatively robust scene, with large, multi-level locations featuring a variety of machines. And now Capcom is yet again contributing an exciting addition to the mix with Rockman VR: Aimed at the Virtual World or Mega Man VR: Targeted Virtual World!!, depending on the translation used.

Debuting at the Plaza Capcom arcade in Ikebukuro, Tokyo on July 18, Mega Man VR will allow players to use their arm as the Mega Buster to take out Dr. Wily’s bots. The location has a dedicated virtual reality area, which is also home to a Resident Evil game.

Mega Man VR

Gematsu provides a translation of the Mega Man VR description at the Capcom site:

A peaceful virtual reality world where everyone was having fun playing. But Dr. Wily is planning to hack into and conquer that virtual reality world! Equipped with the virtual reality goggles developed by Dr. Light, Mega Man will dive into the virtual reality world and put a stop to Dr. Wily’s evil plans.

Details are scarce at the moment, but the game has a basis in Mega Man 11, with Lyric, Shimobey, Shield Attacker, Metall, and Block Man appearing on the poster. Per Rockman Corner, Capcom producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya has stated Mega Man 11‘s Double Gear system will factor significantly into the gameplay.

Capcom promises more information about Mega Man VR ahead of its launch, so we’ll be keeping our eyes open. I wonder what kind of experience this will be. My money is on on-rails shooter, but it would be amazing as an open-area kind of thing. With all the Legacy Collections, the Battle Network 20th anniversary coming up, and a dedication to unique games like this, it’s a great time to be a fan of the Blue Bomber.


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