Mega Man Universe art & soundtrack unearthed, revealing Roll’s 2 sisters

Mega Man Universe Roll sisters Capcom music download discovery leak

Back in the ancient era of 2010, Capcom surprised the gaming world with Mega Man Universe, a game that would let you create your very own Mega Man levels at a time long before Super Mario Maker was a thing. It was revealed with a super quirky stop motion video that also featured Capcom’s Ryu and Arthur. However, Mega Man series head Keiji Inafune left the company not long after that, and for various unspecified reasons, Mega Man Universe was canceled. But now, many years later, fan site Rockman Corner is digging up never-before-seen concept art and game music, including info about… Roll’s two new sisters?

Mega Man Universe gave Roll a sister act

Mega Man Universe Roll sisters music download discovery leak

Yep, Roll would have had two sisters in the game, whose official names are presently lost. However, the idea is that each girl would have presided over a given game mode. Roll was to guide character creation and customization. The weirdo with the wrench was to assist in “Construction Mode,” where actual levels were built. And glasses girl was to reign over “Network Mode,” where levels would get shared online.

If you love that art style — or if you despise it like a lot of people on Twitter — then check out a sampling of more artwork Rockman Corner has obtained! They have reimagined artwork for Mega Man 2 bosses and their levels built for Mega Man Universe.

If all that isn’t enough, Rockman Corner even has most of Mega Man Universe‘s soundtrack available for immediate download. They’re mostly remixes of Mega Man 2 music and were apparently created by Capcom’s internal sound team. They’re also rocking as heck because that’s what Mega Man music is all about.

Rockman Corner is promising lots more new information about Mega Man Universe in the coming weeks, including the true reasons for the game’s cancellation, as well as a ditched Wii version. Stay tuned if canceled Capcom projects are what float your boat.

But in all honesty, I understand why this game was canceled, regardless of Inafune’s involvement. I actually played Mega Man Universe at New York Comic Con 2010, and it wasn’t good. The controls just felt wrong, and the demo level provided felt weird. It left a tragically bad impression on me, a lifelong Mega Man lover.

But on the plus side, the trailers are cool:

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