Mega Man movie writer wants to tell ’emotional’ story you can relate to

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Mega Man movie writer Mattson Tomlin spoke with Polygon recently, revealing a few more tidbits of what we can expect from the upcoming film. Tomlin became part of the project when its directors, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, asked him to come on board after enjoying a positive relationship creating the film Project Power for Netflix together. Now they are looking to tell a universal story with Mega Man that anyone can relate with, regardless of age.

Most pertinently, Tomlin shared the following about his approach to the Mega Man movie:

… what is the real soul of that character? We all kind of know him as this cartoonish Blue Bomber who jumps and shoots, and to kind of go beyond that and knowing that, OK, visually it’s going to be a certain thing that is going to please the video game fan, but you know what is the story at the center? They’re like, what is it that this character can really go through? It’ll be universal and primal and emotional and everybody can kind of relate to.

He also clarified that the Mega Man movie will be “not squarely in the kid territory” but also nothing R-rated.

Frankly, longtime Mega Man fans will probably scoff at the idea that the character is only a guy known for jumping and shooting, but I can kind of understand where Mattson Tomlin’s coming from. Nonetheless, we already know slightly more realistic and humanizing interpretations of the canon can work really well in the right artists’ hands. Manga artist Hitoshi Ariga always comes to mind as someone who added spectacular depth to the source material with Mega Man Megamix and Mega Man Gigamix.

Have you seen Project Power on Netflix? Is it any good? In any case, I’ll keep crossing my fingers that the Mega Man movie is a worthy addition to the canon.


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