Mega Man Legends Spiritual Successor “Red Ash” Hits Kickstarter

Infanue has once again gone to Kickstarter after seeing great success with Mighty No. 9, which is releasing this September. His newest project is once again a Mega Man spiritual successor, except this time its from a series that hasn’t been seen for a long time.

Many Mega Man fans remember the Mega Man Legends series. The last we heard of it, a 3rd one was in development for the 3DS, but was cancelled. Inafune obviously sees this as a missed chance, and his hit Kickstarter with Red Ash, which is a spiritual successor to the Mega Man Legends series.

Red Ash only has concept art and ideas right now, but obviously Infanue and his team have a lot of ideas for the game. Check out their teaser below, and head over to the Red Ash Kickstarter page if you want to pledge to this game.


Shawn Long
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