Mega Man gets drawn by the One-Punch Man artist (One-Shot Man?)

Yusuke Murata Mega Man manga artist Capcom

Yusuke Murata illustrates the One-Punch Man digital manga for series creator ONE, which by default makes him a pretty popular and celebrated artist. On Twitter, Murata recently shared a drawing of iconic Capcom character Mega Man that he drew at some point in the past. To me, it looks kind of like Saitama wearing a skin-tight suit and a helmet, but still — I dig it! Have a look.

Mega Man of course has a celebrated history of his own in manga. Several artists have portrayed the character through the years, such as Shigeto Ikehara. Perhaps most notable to an international audience, Big O manga artist Hitoshi Ariga created Mega Man Megamix and Gigamix, which are probably my favorite adaptation of video games to another medium ever. Incidentally, Ariga shared a drawing of his own to Twitter back in March, of a Mega Man X reploid-style robot that can destroy coronavirus. (Evidently, that reploid isn’t finished with its mission yet.)

Would you like to see Yusuke Murata make a full-on manga adaptation out of the Blue Bomber? Or would you like to see the man who breathes life into One-Punch Man make a manga out of a different game? Tell us what you’d like to see.


John Friscia
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