Mega Man: Chaos Protocol Dragalia Lost crossover gets launch details

Dragalia Lost Mega Man: Chaos Protocol launch details crossover

Mega Man: Chaos Protocol is nearly upon us! The team at Nintendo and Cygames just gave us a bunch of juicy tidbits about Dragalia Lost‘s second crossover event. But first, let’s check out the video:

Teleport! Charge Shot! Jump on Rush! Robot master abilities from Mega Man 2! And just listen to that sweet title screen theme remix. The video doesn’t tell us much, of course, but that’s what the official website is for. Or you can keep reading this article. Might as well — you’re already here.

Fight, Euden! For everlasting peace!

First, and most importantly, this event will start on Nov. 28 at 10:00 p.m. PT, less than a week from now, and end Dec. 15 at 9:59 p.m. PT. There are also additional challenges coming to the event on Dec. 1. In Chaos Protocol, the dastardly Dr. Wily takes control of the five Greatwyrms (basically the big boss dragons in the Dragalia Lost story). Mega Man comes to assist Prince Euden and his friends in freeing them from this frankly Robotnik-esque scheme.

He put them in boxes. The fiend!

As you can see, a ton of love and care is oozing through every image they’ve released. Mega Man will gain new abilities by using weapons, which can be shared with other characters. If you look very closely at the intricate details, you might notice that the special weapons are made of Mega Busters.


Chaos Protocol is leaning heavily into Mega Man 2 lore by incorporating boss weaknesses. It seems that certain weapons will be effective against certain bosses. For good measure, they threw in wyrmprints representing the Robot Masters that will boost the adventurers against their former draconic allies.

Dragalia Lost Mega Man: Chaos Protocol launch details crossover
Carved from mighty oak and ready to take down Zodiark

As you might already know, the Chaos Protocol event is a dream come true for me. Mega Man is one of my all-time favorite video game series, and Dragalia Lost is my current video game obsession. Soon, worlds will collide and I will experience mobile gaming Nirvana.

And if you’ve read this far, then I’m sure this last image will have you as psyched as I am for the event:

Dragalia Lost Mega Man: Chaos Protocol launch details crossover


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