Mega Man Battle Network 20th anniversary is today, but Capcom asks for your patience with announcements

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Today is the 20th anniversary of Mega Man Battle Network in Japan, and official Capcom blog Rockman Unity has published a variety of little news pertaining to the anniversary. Most of it actually relates to events that were already made public, such as Mega Man X DiVE crossovers and cool statues. There is surely more where that came from though, as last May, Capcom announced it was seeking licensing partners for this anniversary. Last May was notably relatively early in the COVID-19 pandemic, and the pandemic has evidently affected Capcom’s plans in assorted ways since then. That apparently includes additional announcements related to the 20th anniversary of Mega Man Battle Network, as excellent fan site Rockman Corner notes that Capcom’s Takekuni Uchida (“Ucchy”) stated the following in the blog post:

If the world hadn’t been in such a state, I might have had other plans to announce. But for now, I think it’s time to be patient.

Of course, washing hands, gargling and social distancing are important, too.
It’s always Rockman who beats the virus after all!

What announcements might remain in relation to the Mega Man Battle Network 20th anniversary are unclear, and there’s no guarantee it has to do with new games or compilations of any kind. That being said, there isn’t any fan who isn’t desperately hoping for a Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, in the same vein of the X and Zero/ZX collections. And there is still that old rumor of a Battle Network mobile game as well.


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