Mega Man Adventures tabletop board game revealed by Blacklist Games

preorder Mega Man Adventures is a tabletop board game from Blacklist Games 1-4 players defeat Robot Masters

Mega Man is one of the most venerable video game series there is. It’s inspired countless creations, including a number of non-video games featuring the Blue Bomber. Along those lines, Blacklist Games, maker of fine experiences like Contra: The Board Game and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – The Board Game, has announced its its own tabletop take on the franchise with Mega Man Adventures, targeting a Q2 2022 release and available for preorder now.

Made for one to four players, this Mega Man Adventures tabletop board game will have you use abilities, materials, and resources in clever ways in order to clear stages based upon the first three games. You can play as Mega Man, Proto Man, Roll, or Rush and take on enemies and bosses from the first three Mega Man games. Here’s more information from the Blacklist Games website:

Players must plan their turns out by playing Action cards, using one for themselves and two others to support their fellow heroes with bonus abilities as they traverse deadly stages filled with traps, obstacles and enemies. Working together, the heroes will eventually each reach a dreaded Robot Master, who makes use of a unique boss pattern the players must decipher if they hope to defeat it and gain its signature weapon—handy when facing other Robot Masters or even Dr. Wily in his castle!

Featuring enemies, stages and Robot Masters from Mega Man 1, Mega Man 2, and Mega Man 3, you can play through campaigns that recreate those titles, or mix and match to create your own customized one! Whether you’re a fan of the video games or simply enjoy cooperative games, Mega Man Adventures is a quick-playing, action-packed game for everyone to enjoy!

Mega Man Adventures

It seems like Mega Man Adventures will be a rich, complex experience that’s just as much puzzle solving as it is a fast-paced adventure. If you’re curious as to what it’s all about, you can watch a long gameplay video below. They’ve also released a demo for the game through the Tabletop Simulator platform on Steam. There’s a lot here to love for fans of tabletop board games and Mega Man alike. If you crave strategizing, rolling dice, and flipping cards, Mega Man Adventures will be there for you in the second quarter of 2022.

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Dominick Ashtear