Mega Man 11 has sold 1.3M copies, third bestselling entry in the franchise

Mega Man 11 sales Capcom third bestselling entry

A year ago, Capcom’s Platinum Titles list revealed that Mega Man 11 had surpassed a million sales. A recent update to that list of top-selling Capcom titles now shows that Mega Man 11 has shifted an extra 300,000 copies since, bringing the total up to 1.3 million. With this milestone reached, Mega Man 11 is now the third bestselling title in the series, most recently outselling the original Mega Man X.

Only Mega Man Battle Network 4 (which came in two versions) and Mega Man 2 have sold better, at 1.35 and 1.51 million units respectively, and 11 seems poised to surpass them both eventually. What’s equally notable though is the fact that modern Mega Man is doing this well for Capcom. The series had gone long dormant before Capcom decided to get back in the game. It seems the Japanese developer has been rewarded for reviving Mega Man as a series, with the sales data coming from Mega Man 11.

Mega Man 11 sales

The future is bright too. Capcom is working on the next main game entry, although it’s still unclear what exactly that will entail. A live-action movie is also in the works for release at some point in the future. However, films have recently been delayed left, right, and center due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including Capcom’s own Monster Hunter movie.

As Mega Man 11 becomes the third bestselling series entry, where would you like to see the franchise go?


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