Mega Man 11 allows Switch owners to record through the console

Mega Man

Great news for Switch owners who love to share their footage online. Mega Man 11 allows players to record clips directly through the console. For those who may be unaware, you can record footage by holding down the capture button for a few seconds.

The ability to capture footage is excellent news since some games (like Fortnite) prohibit the popular feature. In an industry where people love to share impressive clips and competitive victories, having this function allows for more networking. It works well with Mega Man 11 since there are plenty of challenge modes, speed runs, and leaderboard challenges that would benefit from having players upload their clips.

In our official review of Mega Man 11, we raved about the abundance of modes outside of the main story.

There are four difficulty levels and even challenges that will keep you playing long after the credits roll. Some challenges include Boss Rush mode and obstacle courses meant to test even the best Mega Man players. With the inclusion of leaderboards in the challenge modes, I know that this section will keep me glued to the Switch for months to come.

Additionally, the gameplay is a return to form for the 31-year-old franchise.

Everything that made the franchise so memorable in the first place is front and center. The platforming is responsive, the combat is tense, the enemies are varied, and the difficulty is relentless.

Mega Man 11 launches in tomorrow for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Are you a fan of the iconic character? What are your favorite Mega Man games? Are you glad to see the Blue Bomber make a comeback? If you haven’t read our review, check out why we thought Mega Man’s latest adventure was great. Mega Man 11 costs $29.99, or you can purchase the Amiibo Edition for $59.99 exclusively at Gamestop.

Andrew Gonzalez
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