Trailer: Meet the Golden Deer of Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Golden Deer

Nintendo is keeping the Fire Emblem: Three Houses hype train chugging at full speed. We’ve been getting weekly previews of the different houses, and the last dropped today. Previously, we’ve seen trailers for the Black Eagles and the Blue Lions, but today’s trailer features the Golden Deer.

The Golden Deer House represents the Leicester Alliance, the eastern nation of F√≥dlan. The Alliance is made up of noble families who pledge allegiance to no emperor or king, unlike the other countries. In spite of this, they allow the Riegan family to serve as their leader. It is said that the eponymous creature has protected the Alliance’s territory for decades, making it the perfect symbolic choice for their students under which to band together.

Claude von Riegan is the leader of the Golden Deer house. Fellow students Hilda, Raphael, and Leonie support him on the battlefield. Though the students can take on the role of any class with enough training, the Golden Deer students are experts in archery, as per regional tradition.

Which side will you be taking in the upcoming war? Will it be the Golden Deer, the Blue Lions, or the Black Eagles? Regardless of who you side with, if early previews are any indication, you’re sure to be in for a grand time.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses launches in two weeks on July 26th.

Steven Rollins
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