May NPD: State of Decay 2 tops Detroit Become Human & Tropical Freeze

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The NPD numbers for May are in, and they’re quite impressive. What may come as a surprise to a lot of people is the post-apocalyptic zombie title State of Decay 2 was the highest selling game of May 2018. Considering the game is on Xbox Game Pass (Microsoft’s monthly subscription plan) this is quite the feat. Looks like Microsoft’s choice to acquire Undead Labs was an easy one. The studio is obviously doing something right. Our sister site, Xbox Enthusiast, loved the game — you can check out our full review here.

State of Decay 2 is everything I wanted from in a sequel. The world is big, the gameplay mechanics are deep, the simulation aspect is broad, and the open-world is bleak and fascinating. -Andrew Gonzalez

We are happy to see Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze made the number five spot. This is also impressive considering the game was mostly a direct port of the Wii U original. We adored Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. Earning a 9/10, we had this to say.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was a near-perfect platformer on Wii U, and that hasn’t changed in its transition to Switch. The gorgeous art design, bright graphics, and smooth animations are all still intact and improved by the higher resolution in docked mode. Controls are still sharp and make the tough platforming achievable. -Steve Clist

NPD Chart for May 2018

Physical and digital — ranked on dollar sales.

  1. State of Decay 2
  2. God of War 2018
  3. Detroit: Become Human
  4. Far Cry 5
  5. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  6. Grand Theft Auto V
  7. Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition
  8. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege
  9. Mario Kart 8
  10. NBA 2K18
  11. MLB 18: The Show
  12. Call of Duty: WWII
  13. Super Mario Odyssey
  14. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  15. FIFA 18
  16. Overwatch
  17. Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection
  18. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds
  19. Assassin’s Creed: Origins
  20. Monster Hunter: World

*Digital sales not included

*PC digital sales not included

Here is the ranking for the highest selling software on Nintendo Switch in May 2018. Even though ports constantly catch flack, they sell. Simple as that.


  1. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  2. Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition
  3. Mario Kart 8
  4. Super Mario Odyssey
  5. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  6. Splatoon 2
  7. Kirby Star Allies
  8. Labo Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit
  9. Mario & Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
  10. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

As for the entire year, Mario Kart 8 is the only Switch title to chart. This will surely change when Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee make their way to Switch in November. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also has a chance of charting when it launches in December. All signs are pointing to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate being the biggest and possibly most successful Super Smash Bros. title yet. The Nintendo Switch took the throne as the fastest selling gaming console of all-timeSmash Bros. will not only capture the heart of longtime fans of the series, but it’ll likely find a brand new audience on Switch.


  1. Far Cry 5
  2. God of War
  3. Monster Hunter: World
  4. Call of Duty: WWII
  5. Dragon Ball: Fighterz
  6. Grand Theft Auto V
  7. NBA 2K18
  8. MLB 18: The Show
  9. Mario Kart 8
  10. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

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