What other EA games do you hope to see on Switch this year?

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EA plans to release 7 games on Switch over the next twelve months. We know three of them: Burnout Paradise RemasteredApex Legends, and FIFA 21 Legacy Edition. That leaves four other titles currently planned to trickle out over the next year. In lieu of educated guesswork and calculated figuring, let’s just share our wishlists tonight. What EA games do you hope to see on Switch over the next twelve months?

I’d really love to see the Mass Effect Trilogy finally make it over. I’ve been wanting to get into these games forever, and the Switch could be the perfect place to do so, especially if it includes a less janky edition of the original Mass Effect.

Additionally, I want to see EA go all out with sports support. I know that Madden and NHL aren’t a top priority for most Nintendo gamers, but I love these titles for their local multiplayer and for the novelty of playing through seasons with my favorite teams and stars. As a Detroit sports fan, video games are just about the only way I ever get to see my teams do anything special, so please, EA, give me a chance to live out my fandom dreams on the go.

What EA games would you like to see come to Switch this year? Why? Let us know in the comments!

Nick Pearson
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