Marvel’s Midnight Suns reveals card-based combat but says it’s ‘easily as tactical as XCOM’

Marvels Marvel Midnight Suns card-based combat battle system tactical as XCOM Firaxis Games 2K Marvel's

Marvel, publisher 2K, and developer Firaxis Games revealed gameplay of Marvel’s Midnight Suns today, including a tactical card-based combat system that dictates your attack options. The developers anticipated this may be a polarizing choice, but development lead Jake Solomon says the game is “easily as tactical as XCOM.” Marvel offers a gameplay reveal trailer for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, while IGN did a stream today demonstrating more about the game.

Basically, the way missions work in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is you select three heroes that draw from a deck of ability cards, and the cards you draw at the start of combat are random. Strategy comes from making the best of the hand you’re dealt, combining certain characters’ powers, and exploiting the environment for opportunities to deal additional damage. (Somehow, exploding barrels or the equivalent are still a thing.) Cards can be upgraded over time, and in-between missions, you can talk to your assorted allies at the Abbey to build up relationships, resulting in stronger team attacks. There will be 13 total playable characters, not all of whom have been revealed yet, but that number includes original customizable character the Hunter, your avatar.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns will not feature romance options, probably because romancing Wolverine is such a wild idea that it probably deserves its own separate video game. However, it also will not have lootboxes, which is nice. The card-based combat in Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be a purely tactical experience, not an excuse to squeeze more dollars out of you.

If you have opinions on this game, let us hear ’em. I’m sure the Facebook comments section will be nothing but positive affirmations. And for more card-based combat in your life, check out our fresh preview of Lost in Random, which is basically The Nightmare Before Christmas: The Video Game.


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