Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3’s launch trailer shows a universe in peril

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Best Buy E3 Nintendo Demo

Today marks the release of a Marvel megafest extravaganza, only for Nintendo fans! Nintendo and Team Ninja’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is up for grabs at last, exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. The game takes place in a separate continuity from the first two MUA titles, one inspired by recent Marvel films. The Mad Titan Thanos and his Black Order seek the all-powerful Infinity Stones, and it’s up to the universe’s greatest champions to stand against them; see your favorite Marvel heroes in action below!

In our review, we praised Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 for its fun combat, satisfyingly long campaign, and wide playable cast. However, we also dinged the game for some of its cheaper design choices and overwhelming-at-first mechanics. At the time of writing, the game scores a 74% on Metacritic, leaning on more positive than mixed reviews.

Speaking of huge hero rosters, Marvel recently dropped some extra details on MUA3‘s expansion pass at San Diego Comic-Con. Marvel’s panel introduced the four new characters to be added via the more mature Marvel Knights pack, as well as Cyclops and Colossus as post-launch free DLC.

Are you picking up Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order today? What will your ideal hero team comprise of? Let us know in the comments!

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