Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: X-Men Rise of the Phoenix DLC 2 releases soon

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: X-Men Rise of the Phoenix DLC 2 release date

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is receiving X-Men Rise of the Phoenix DLC 2, as revealed at The Game Awards 2019. It includes Cable, Iceman (not to be confused with Capcom’s Ice Man), Gambit, and Phoenix as playable characters. This new DLC pack will release on Dec. 23, following the release of Curse of the Vampire DLC 1, which featured Blade, Morbius, Moon Knight, and the Punisher. Check out the announcement trailer for Rise of the Phoenix below.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 released to a generally positive, if not explosively positive, reaction. It basically continues to the spirit of the old games to the letter, and it’s a pretty decent apology for the fact that Nintendo Switch will never see Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers. This game, along with Rise of the Phoenix, is likely to offer a larger roster anyway, with more nods to the rich, multi-decade Marvel continuity. Let us know if you’re excited for this or the final announced DLC pack, which will be giving us some version of the Fantastic Four sometime next year.

Stay tuned for more big announcements from The Game Awards 2019. Could we possibly finally find out who Fighters Pass DLC #5 is for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? We’ll know one way or the other soon now.


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