Marvel Knights DLC pack for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 gets dated

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Marvel Knights DLC

Following the reveal of a new Blade project from Marvel Studios, it’s fitting that we’ll be able to play as Blade in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order soon. The first DLC pack for the game, titled “Marvel Knights: Curse of the Vampire,” on Sept. 30.

The first DLC can only be obtained through the expansion pass, meaning that you won’t be able to buy it a la carte, but you will receive all three planned DLC packs. The Marvel Knights pack consists of Blade, Morbius, Moon Knight, and the Punisher. It’s one heck of a DLC line-up that will be followed by Fantastic Four and four unnamed X-Men characters at an undisclosed date. Before all that, Cyclops and Colossus will be joining the roster in a free update.

For a pack called “Curse of the Vampire,” getting only (roughly) two vampires is certainly interesting. Right now there aren’t any details on anything but the characters, but that doesn’t rule out the potential for possible story expansion.

Marvel has such a massive and ever-expanding universe that, when you think about it, anything is possible with these DLC packs. Did you know that the lineup of the Fantastic Four isn’t necessarily just those four you’re thinking about right now? And I bet even the most hardcore comic book fans can’t just pick four X-Men to represent the whole franchise.

Who are your picks for the next two expansions? If you haven’t picked up Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, check out our review first.


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