Mars Horizon space agency simulator blasts off on Switch this November

Mars Horizon release date November 17 The Irregular Corporation Auroch Digital European Space Agency simulator Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Xbox One PC

One of the great thrills of video games is being able to experience things you would never have the chance to do in real life, such as climb a mountain or kill God. Simulator games provide the most authentic sorts of experiences, and if you have a love for astronomy, space agency simulator Mars Horizon might be up your alley. Coming from publisher The Irregular Corporation and developer Auroch Digital with support from the European Space Agency, Mars Horizon puts you in charge of a space agency “at the dawn of the space age.” It launches Nov. 17 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

If all you want to do is walk around on Mars, then this isn’t the simulator for you. But if you’re interested in the logistics of getting to Mars — which is the ultimate goal of the game — then you’ll likely love this. You will be leveraging various resources pertaining to time, science, funds, and even public support in order to complete missions and make progress in space. Meanwhile, other space agencies will also be trying to get to Mars, and you can join forces with them or try to beat them to the punch. Individual missions in Mars Horizon will feature “tense turn-based gameplay that will determine their success or failure.”

To hammer home how Auroch Digital and The Irregular Corporation have worked with the European Space Agency, astronaut Tim Peake will be streaming Mars Horizon with Xbox from 10 a.m. ET to noon ET tomorrow, Oct. 20.

Are you intrigued to take this space agency simulator for a ride on Nintendo Switch next month?

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