Vanishing areolas: Nintendo removes Mario’s nipples for unknown reasons

Mario's nipples

Nintendo has this weird fascination with its characters’ nipples. Sometimes, it supports them wholeheartedly. Other times, not so much. The company is back to its censoring ways with its latest Twitter photo of Mario. What is supposed to be a fun picture of the plumber relaxing at the beach has turned into the mysterious case of the absence of Mario’s nipples.

Mario’s nipples deserve to be recognized

Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself:

Where are the teats?! Either they have been removed entirely or they are under Mario’s chin. If it’s the latter, he must have had some type of surgery to move them to the oddest place on the human body.

Users on Twitter noticed the change right away:

It is odd Super Mario Odyssey is more progressive in the portrayal of the male upper body. And that game came out three years ago. What changed? I wish the Big N wouldn’t flip flop so much regarding body positivity.

Enthusiasts, are you for or against Mario’s nipples? Do you think the vacation-like photo is a tease for an upcoming Super Mario Sunshine HD remaster? Let us know your answers to these important questions below.

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