Mario Tennis Aces update 3.0 brings new mode, returning Co-Op Challenge

Mario Tennis Aces

Nintendo has adequately supported Mario Tennis Aces since its launch back in June of last year, as made increasingly evident by this brand new update. Version 3.0.0, available now, adds a new mode, Co-Op Challenge, opening cinematic, and an assortment of other features.

Ring Shot, the brand new mode, sees players aim to get their shots through the rings that appear in the center of the court. Up to four players can take part on the same Switch console. The mode includes Ring Shot Singles, Ring Shot Doubles, and Yoshi’s Ring Shot, a returning Co-Op Challenge.

Yoshi’s Ring Shot has players competing in teams of four. Four times the normal amount of points can be earned by returning a shot through the same color ring as Yoshi. Different objectives allow players to unlock pink, orange, and light blue Yoshi’s, too. Per usual, a Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to take part in the Co-Op challenge.

The additional big new content piece in update 3.0 is this alternate cinematic. New players starting up Adventure Mode for the first time will be treated to the opening movie as a default, as opposed to the older opening cinematic. Both can be accessed via the Adventure Mode menu.

Click here for more details on update 3.0.0. Will you be diving back into Mario Tennis Aces after hearing about this update? Let us know down in the comments section. 


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