Mario Tennis Aces updated to version 2.1.1

Mario Tennis Aces just got a big new update, one that affects primarily the Online Tournament but also makes some gameplay tweaks. Here are the patch notes for version version 2.1.1, via Nintendo.

Changes to Online Tournament

  • Fixed the issue of not being able to upload latest results to player rankings when certain conditions coincide and few matches have been played in Doubles Class.
    • When your most recent rating is not reflected in December player rankings, if you update to Ver. 2.1.1, play a match in December and upload your data. It will then be reflected in player rankings.
  • Fixed the issue of a doubles team being disbanded even though the player and their partner both choose “Continue Playing” when there’s a communication error with the opposing team under certain conditions in Doubles Class.
    • If there’s a communication error with your doubles partner, then your team will be disbanded.
  • Made it so that, in Doubles Class, a communication error or a match ending due to a player not serving and abandoning the game will result in a 1% rating decrease for the player that caused the error, but ratings for the other three players will remain what it was before the error occurred.
  • Adjusted which courts will be randomly selected. Courts for the first and second rounds of the tournament will be randomly selected from all courts, including the stadium’s Night Court, and courts for semifinal matches will be randomly selected from the following four stadium courts: Grass Court, Hard Court, Clay Court, Night Court.

Court Adjustments

  • Made adjustments so that tennis balls will not hit the post.
  • Made adjustments so that tennis balls will not hit the chair near the court in Mirage Mansion.
    • Planning to make adjustments to court visibility in future updates.

 Other Changes

  • Fixed the issue of a black board appearing behind P2 Petey Piranha on the results screen when two lefty Petey Piranhas are playing each other.
  • Fixed the issue of no point being awarded and the match not progressing when a Special Shot is used under certain conditions.

Have you been playing Mario Tennis Aces as of late? Let us know down below. With Smash Bros. Ultimate out, it’s tough to find time for any other titles on Switch lately, it seems.

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