Grasping at straws: either Nintendo just teased a Super Mario Sunshine remake, or I’ve finally lost it. Spoiler: I’ve lost it

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Before we get started, I’ll just come out and say it: as much as I would love a Super Mario Sunshine remake, it’s probably the latter.

Nintendo of America’s official Instagram account recently posted a picture saying goodbye to the summer. The image, which features Mario in tropical clothing while enjoying a watermelon, is mostly unremarkable sans the outfit. However, before you read the caption directly below, buy some stock in your eyebrows, because they’re about to raise.

Even Mario needs a little #Summer Vacation! No matter where your summer odyssey took you, we hope it was filled with sunshine!

That’s right, they said sunshine. That’s all I have got here. Nintendo using the word “Sunshine” in an official post. I really, really, really need that game in a new form. But seriously, they had to have known what they were doing there, right? They are teasing the about-to-be-revealed Super Mario Sunshine remake, right? They’re gonna announce it in a Direct any day now and drop it in December, RIGHT?!

Super Mario Sunshine

No, probably not, but I can keep on desperately hoping the same way I have been for the past decade. While I think that probably was an intentional reference to Super Mario Sunshine, I doubt that Nintendo would choose to hint at an unrevealed game in such a subversive way. More than likely, the account runner was just having some fun–at my expense, it feels like.

What do you think about this? Do you even want a remake, or would you rather have a sequel like our own Brett Medlock? I think that if a Super Mario Sunshine remake is ever coming, this probably will not be how we learn about it, unfortunately. It is the Nintendo game that most deserves a remake, and sooner or later, I believe it will get one, but until then, I’m gonna keep on clinging to straws like Nintendo’s last Instagram caption. Feel free to join me, or pity me, or a little of both.

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