Mario Rabbids Twitter handle change has fans wondering if a sequel is coming

Ubisoft Twitter handle change Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle sequel @MarioRabbids MarioRabbids @RabbidsOfficial RabbidsOfficial

Even though the game appears on sale for steep discounts every 30 seconds, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle sold quite well for Ubisoft and Nintendo, and the game has plenty of fans. Now, a quiet change on Twitter (first noticed on Reddit) has fans wondering if a Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle sequel is in the works. The official Rabbids Twitter, formerly with handle “@RabbidsOfficial,” has changed its handle to a more Mario-specific “@MarioRabbids.” What makes this even more curious is that the account hasn’t tweeted anything since August 2020 (and it was for a browser game), and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle launched in August of 2017.

The bottom line is that it seemsĀ really bizarre to change the Twitter handle to be @MarioRabbids — and narrow the focus of the account — if Ubisoft has no plans to make a Mario + Rabbids sequel. Stranger things have happened of course, and it could theoretically be a case of social media housekeeping gone mad. But it just seems unlikely.

Ubisoft has already been making waves lately, with the announcement that it will create an open-world Star Wars game with its in-house developer, Massive Entertainment. It sure wouldn’t hurt to just toss a Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle sequel on Nintendo Switch while we’re at it.


John Friscia
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