Mario + Rabbids team preps next game

The team behind Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is hiring employees for a “prestigious title”. And at the same time gauging interest in Mario characters.

Ubisoft has sent out a survey with a list of mainline Mario characters asking how much fans like or dislike them on a five-point scale. Noteworthy characters on this list are Rosalina, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Koopalings, Bowser Jr., Birdo, and Kamek. The most likely conclusion is they’re figuring out other Mario characters they could include as partners in the sequel. After all, the game has sold enough to justify a sequel, selling over two million units. However, maybe it isn’t as obvious as it seems.


Something new?

A sequel would make the most sense, and it wouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. But what if they’re putting a twist on another Mario characters/series? After working on Mario + Rabbids for years, including the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC, they may want to try something else. Nintendo themselves might want them to try something else too.

While this game won’t come out for several years, I don’t think a game centered around Yoshi or Luigi would happen. They already have their own series. Rosalina and possibly Daisy seem more likely as partners for a sequel, than being able to headline their own spinoff. There’s a sliver of a chance that Wario and Waluigi team up, as I don’t think Nintendo would do it themselves. Not to mention the fervor surrounding the character as of late. Although I doubt that too.


The (bad) boys are back in town

If it’s not a sequel, I think it could be a villain game starring Bowser, Wario, Waluigi, and Kamek (you’d need another Bowser-related character and Kamek’s magic offers versatility). It would still take place in the Rabbids universe and focus around a team but could be a different genre, perhaps an action game. Including team attacks and throwing partners instead of jumping on them. It’s a way to keep fans from Kingdom Battle interested while doing something different. It also opens up the door to more crossovers between the two universes in the future. Where each game could be a twist on another genre.

Nintendo and Ubisoft not only have a great partnership but they’ve been crossing over with each other for the last few years. The most recent example being Star Fox characters in Starlink: Battle for Atlas. I think it’s almost guaranteed this will be another crossover given the sales, but whether it’s a sequel or something new we have yet to find out.


Matt Graff
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