Mario Party Superstars gets commercial to celebrate upcoming launch

Mario Party Superstars commercial

Mario Party Superstars is launching next week on October 29. We already have a pretty good idea about the game’s various modes and features. Nintendo of America, wishing to hype up the title, has released a commercial for Mario Party Superstars. And, while it does a good job showcasing some of the minigames, it nevertheless felt the need to lie to the gaming public about how families will experience the party game.

I’d be happy to film a more honest commercial for Mario Party Superstars

Take a look at the 30-second clip below and tell me what is wrong with it:

Granted, it’s nice to see some of my favorite minigames return. Mushroom Mix-UpĀ is a particular delight for me because I was quite good at it.

However, what is with all the laughter and general joviality? This isn’t the Mario Party I know and love. The popular series is synonymous with many other things: violence, cursing, and broken friendships. So many falsehoods, Nintendo. Set up a camera in my household next time if you want a sense of the chaos this franchise unleashes.

Enthusiasts, did you enjoy the Mario Party Superstars commercial? Let us know if you agree with the fun displayed within it by leaving a comment below.


Arthur Damian
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