Mario & Luigi receives a new trademark, keeping hope alive for the series

Mario & Luigi trademark AlphaDream Nintendo game software mobile

Last October, in a shocking turn of events, Mario & Luigi developer AlphaDream went bankrupt. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 may have been the final published title that the developer worked on. Since then, we have wondered if AlphaDream’s renowned Mario RPG spin-off franchise would just… fade away. In truth, there is still no answer to those questions. But at the very least, new Mario & Luigi trademarks in Argentina show that Nintendo hasn’t forgotten that the series exists. Credit goes to LetsGoDigital for this discovery.

The trademark apparently covers the following: “computer game cartridges, game memory cards, computer game software, video game memory cards, interactive entertainment software to play video games, covers for mobile phones.” So, at the very least, maybe Nintendo fans in Argentina will be able to buy a nice new phone case soon?

Mario & Luigi trademark Argentina

It’s important to temper expectations here. Huge companies maintaining trademarks on lucrative properties of both past and present is just good business sense. There is nothing to suggest that this Mario & Luigi trademark guarantees a new game for Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, or any other gadget under the sun. Of course, if that were to occur, it would certainly make a lot of fans happy.

What do you hope to see out of this revelation?


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