Mario Kart Tour: Wedding Tour asks “who’s going to tie the knot?”

Mario Kart Tour

Following the conclusion of the Trick Tour, it is already time for Mario Kart Tour‘s next big event. This time around, it’s the Wedding Tour. We don’t know much more about what the event will entail beyond what I just told you. The announcement comes from a tweet by the official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account. You can see the tweet directly below, which unveils (pun intended) the event and shows off a picture of Peach in a wedding dress.

It’s hard to extrapolate exactly what might occur in this event, but we can probably anticipate some characters and karts appearing in wedding gear. For more explicit information, we’ll have to wait and see how the event plays out.

Are you still regularly playing Mario Kart Tour? Will you be checking out the Wedding Tour? Have you tried any of the recent events, such as the Cat Tour, or the Bowser vs. DK Tour that lined up perfectly with Godzilla vs. Kong?

Regardless of how popular it is among Nintendo’s hardcore audience, the game clearly enjoys a regular fanbase and enduring popularity. That’s evidenced by the game surpassing 200 million downloads and $200 million in total revenue last month. It’s no surprise that the game is still seeing regular events over a year after its release.

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