Mario Kart Tour trailer shows off gameplay and a bunch of characters

Mario Kart Tour leaks

I’ll admit, I didn’t think this game was going to be played in portrait mode. After finally getting a release date for Mario Kart Tour we now have a trailer to show off to the public who didn’t make it into the closed beta. The trailer shows off a stunning looking mobile game that, despite what some people are saying, looks quite fun.

Of course, the classic characters are all present and accounted for. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and the rest of the usual suspects are front and center. But as the trailer goes on we see more and more interesting picks like Mario in New Donk City attire, a shy guy in a chef outfit, and for the first time since Mario Kart Wii, Diddy Kong.

We also see classic course themes, like Rainbow Road, Waluigi Pinball, and Bowser’s Castle. New courses include a Paris based track featuring the Eiffel Tower, Tokyo, and what I’m just going to assume is New Donk City.

Even character exclusive items seem to be making a comeback, like Yoshi’s egg and Donkey Kong’s giant banana. Of course, the classic array of items are in, as well as drifting and paragliders. The trailer shows off what looks like a super faithful Mario Kart entry.

Lots of possibilities

The amount of content on display in the trailer makes me wonder what future content they might be adding. We might see more and more character variants to pad out the numbers, or we might get some really cool picks. Here’s hoping for some Paper Mario representation. As if.

Mario Kart Tour releases on Android and iOS on Sept 25. What do you think? Are you going to give it a shot when it launches? What kind of content do you want to see rolled out in the future? Let us know in the comments.


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