Mario Kart Tour locks 200cc mode and other content behind a monthly fee

Mario Kart Tour 200cc monthly fee

Mario Kart Tour is finally out on mobile devices, giving players the ability to race anytime, anywhere. It’s a relatively faithful experience on phones, albeit quite simplified. The biggest difference isn’t the gameplay, however. It’s the price tag. The mobile racer is free to start but contains many of the “gacha” mechanics those types of games are infamous for. As I explained in my beta impressions, this put a damper on an otherwise fun experience. Unfortunately, the full version of the game takes things a step further. As it turns out, Nintendo has locked 200cc mode and other content behind a monthly subscription.

Mario Kart Tour charges for 200cc mode

Nintendo is offering a Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass for $4.99 per month. You don’t need this subscription to play the base game, but you’ll be missing out on content without it. Here’s Nintendo’s explanation of what’s included:

Players can sign up for a free two-week trial subscription to the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass by tapping the Gold Pass purchase button in-game. With the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscription, players can unlock the extra-fast 200cc mode, obtain additional in-game rewards from racing and gain access to bonus goals exclusive to Gold Pass holders. Once the two-week free trial period ends, it will convert to a monthly subscription for $4.99/month, unless canceled.

Nintendo’s hoping to entice players into a monthly payment with extra rewards and features. You also score more points on higher cc modes, so it’ll be difficult to achieve high scores without access to 200cc. Although it’s still free to start, Nintendo is clearly being more aggressive with its monetization tactics. Time will tell if that decision pays off.

Ben Lamoreux
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