Mario Kart Tour is now hosting a multiplayer beta for Gold Pass subscribers

Mario Kart Tour multiplayer

Despite being based on a popular multiplayer franchise, Mario Kart Tour launched earlier this year without such capabilities. Nintendo promised that this feature would be coming in a future update, however. While we still don’t have a firm date on when this will be available publicly, if you pay for the game’s Gold Pass subscription (or are using a free trial), you can test it out right now!

From now until 12:59 am Eastern on December 27th, Mario Kart Tour is hosting a multiplayer beta test. As a test, Nintendo warns that playing might notice lag, disconnects, or crashes while taking part. In addition, since the beta requires a constant internet connection, your battery may drain faster than normal while playing. One downside to this test is that any progress you make won’t carry over into the full release due to changes between versions.

While I still hold that this feature should’ve been available from the beginning, I appreciate that we’re finally seeing progress toward it. Multiplayer mode won’t fix all of my problems with Mario Kart Tour, but it will probably pull me back in for a little while.

Are you taking part in this week’s beta or will you just wait for the full release?


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