Mario Kart Tour has passed 200M downloads and $200M in total revenue

Mario Kart Tour $200 million revenue lifetime total 200 million downloads Nintendo mobile app Sensor Tower data

Mobile analytics company Sensor Tower reports based upon its data collection that Mario Kart Tour has surpassed 200 million downloads and $200 million in total lifetime revenue since its official launch in September 2019. Its first 100 million downloads occurred in just its first 11 days, and it generated its first $100 million in revenue in slightly less than six months thanks to the Gold Pass subscription that unlocks 200cc races, among other things.

Clearly, Mario Kart Tour has not maintained its explosive initial momentum, but Sensor Tower says that its revenue stream has been “fairly consistent,” averaging $7.7 million in revenue monthly globally over the past year. For the period between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021, Mario Kart Tour was Nintendo’s second highest revenue-generating title, earning $92.7 million globally. That is more than the $78 million generated by Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and considerably less than the $163.4 million generated by Fire Emblem Heroes. (For reference, Pokémon GO generated over $1 billion in 2020.)

Mario Kart Tour has found the most of its $200 million revenue in the United States, which constitutes 37.6% of total revenue generated, followed by Japan at 28% and France at 7.3%. The U.S. also leads in app downloads of the game, constituting 18.6%, followed by Brazil at 9.4% and Mexico at 7.8%. For the year ending March 31, 2021, Mario Kart Tour ranked fourth for revenue generated in the “Racing” category of app. The top three racing titles, in order, were Nexon’s KartRider Rush+, Tencent’s QQ Speed, and Zynga/NaturalMotion’s CSR Racing 2.

Are you one of the 200 million people who has downloaded Mario Kart Tour? I finally got a new phone, so maybe I should take it for a spin at last. (Honestly, the only new mobile game I’ve started playing so far is Mega Man X DiVe.)


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