Mario Kart Tour Halloween Tour adds costumes, returns Maple Treeway

Mario Kart Tour Halloween Tour Maple Treeway Halloween Mario costume Halloween Peach costume

As the Mario Kart Tour 1st Anniversary Tour wraps up, the mobile racer is now transitioning to the Halloween Tour. The new event, which is now live, brings back the Maple Treeway track from Mario Kart Wii and adds a bunch of new cosmetic items. It’s all suitably spooky in Mario Kart Tour‘s latest update.

Let’s start with the big one, Maple Treeway. Appropriately autumnal, Maple Treeway returns in new, high-definition glory. The remade Wii track looks brilliant in Mario Kart Tour and should prove a great addition to the game. It’s the only track being added in this update, but there are a bunch of new customization items.

First and foremost, a Halloween Mario arrives for spooky season. He’s rocking vampire fangs and a pumpkin helmet, an interesting mixture of Halloween items to dress up in. You can also plonk him in the new pumpkin kart for the full experience.

There’s a new Halloween Peach up for grabs as well. She’s holding a magic wand and wearing a witch hat, but the rest of her attire is business as usual. In the Halloween Tour trailer she’s driving what looks like a Batmobile though, so Peach clearly wins on the vehicle front.

Will you be spending some of Halloween season in the Mario Kart Tour Halloween Tour?


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