Mario Kart Tour finally gets multiplayer versus mode next week

Mario Kart Tour multiplayer versus

Karting enthusiasts, it’s almost time to rev those engines (on 2)! Mario Kart Tour is finally getting its multiplayer versus mode, and it’s coming soon. We’re talking six days from now soon. On Sunday, March 8 at 8:00 p.m. PST, you’ll be able to challenge your friends to a race wherever, whenever.

It doesn’t matter if your friends are close by either. You can set up races for people who are nearby, far away, and even for those you don’t even know. Check out these options:

  • With Friends or Others Nearby: Choose your own rules and race with friends or other racers nearby!
  • Standard Races: Race against players around the world to raise your grade with rules that change daily!
  • Gold Races: Available exclusively to Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscribers, compete with the best of the best for the highest grade!

Mario Kart Tour has gotten a reputation as a greedy, greedy game, where those who pay the most money get the most out of it. Despite that, it has a huge following, though not as big as those of other mobile titles like Fire Emblem Heroes. This multiplayer versus mode might be just what Nintendo needs to bring a new audience into Mario Kart Tour. My hope is that it doesn’t become even more of a pay-to-win model in the process, though my hopes aren’t high in that regard.

Will you be playing Mario Kart Tour‘s versus mode? Do you have some friends you want to leave in your dust? Let us know!


Dominick Ashtear